About MTS Gold Futures

MTS Gold Futures was found 2007 by Kritcharat and Nuttapong Hirunyasiri with a passion to provide a full derivative trading solution to Thailand retail clients. MTS Gold Futures is 90% owned by MTS Gold Group, one of the largest independent bullion dealer and jewelry wholesale in Thailand with total revenue of 10 billion USD per year. With more than 60 year of experience in gold and silver trading in Thailand. The company engages in buying & selling of gold bullion, both wholesale and retail; refinery adherence to international standards with world-class quality and it is the country's largest gold exporter.

As a futures commission merchant for TFEX, MTS Gold Futures is a full clearing member of TFEX and the first founding member of Gold Futures and Silver Futures contract. MTS Gold Futures offer the latest order entry technology to TFEX with their new 100MB speed facilities that colocation closest to TFEX matching engine. Serving more than 10,000 client accounts in Thailand, the firm provide a full range of services to many industry players. From introducing agent (IA), Selling Agent, gold commercial hedger, institutional, international gold dealer, and individual investors. We fully, focus on the valued of our clients to provide the best derivative trading business experiences.

With a strong dedication to service excellence, MTS Gold Futures was the first to receive the Best Derivative House Awards by Stock Exchange of Thailand 3 years in a row. In addition, MTS Gold Futures was also awarded Outstanding Derivative House 3 Years in row by Stock exchange of Thailand as well. Our commitment to strong support to Thai derivative communities has been recognized both by Thai large financial institution and retail investors.

As the leader of domestic gold industry and Gold investment in Thailand, and currently expanding
overseas, MTS Gold offers 24 hours service with the best trading system in Thailand.
Our customers willbe guaranteed with the best offer price and many opportunities for profit which operated on highlysecured and trusted trading platform.Our gold transferring service is operated under high accuracy. Customers can book for the transfer inadvance and retrieve gold on the most convenient date and time.Our research and marketing team will provide post-registered service, including daily analysis, trading advice, and furthermore, in order to make sure that our customers will thrive on the market.

Our Place in the Industry

MTS Gold Group mainly operate under 3 major businesses:

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    Gold and Derivative trading:

    In the era where trading of gold has evolved from traditional jewelry into a safe haven asset. Investing in gold has become common in Thai market and MTS Gold Group has been a leader in bullion trading market. As one of the first founding member of Gold Futures in TFEX, MTS Gold is the country's first to offer derivative trading of gold futures in Thailand. In addition, MTS Gold has continuously developed technology to support investor's gold trading by develop one of the first online gold trading platform in Thailand. Our online platform has become one of the pioneer in Thai market and our technology innovation has been one of the best gold trading services to both retail and institutional clients. Innovation has always been at the heart of MTS Gold development. Today MTS Gold is one of the leading gold trading group in the increasingly important Asian Economic Countries (AEC). It is also an associate member of Thai Bullion Markets Association (TBMA).

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    Scrap Buying and Gold Refinery:

    As one of the country's largest importer & exporter of gold bullion, our online trading represents 40 percent of the market share in the country. Not only do MTS Gold Group do gold trading business, we are also in the scrap buying and refinery business as well. MTS Refining Division is an industrial unit specialized in the Evaluation and Refining of previous metals of both scrap and gold bullion in Thailand. Core objective of the Refining Division is to offer its customers a professional, custom tailored and impeccable service with state of the art evaluation methods, equipment and attitude.

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    Wholesale & Retail Jewelry:

    MTS Gold history originated from a mom and pop retail gold shop in Bangkok. As our business expand, we still keep our true origin of retail business shop and continue expanding our jewelry products lines. Today, MTS Gold open a subsidiary MTS Gold smith to be one of the largest wholesale jewelry suppliers in Thai Market. With more than 2,000 SKUs of products, MTS Gold is truly one of the leader of Thai jewelry shop in providing the most variety gold jewelry in Thai Market. Not only do we provided jewelry products to Thai Gold shops all over Thailand, we also offer Corporate Gold solution to large corporations for using Gold in their marketing campaign.

MTS Gold is domestically the first full-service gold industry, guaranteed by top industrial standard. Our gold necklace, one of the most beautiful product lines, is carefully and delicately crafted by team of expert goldsmiths. Our vision is to be the leader of Gold jewelry industry, so we have more than thousands of designs for you to choose. Gold refining service is also available at MTS Gold. Instead of selling old or scrap gold, contact MTS Gold to receive refining service and make a new gold bar with 99.99% purity for more value starting from 2 kilogram gold bar. Beautiful gold bar is also available for purchase at our shop, starting form 1 gram to 10 baht gold bar, they are perfect as a gift for any ceremony or opportunity. MTS Gold has been in business for almost 3 generations, which guaranteed our experience and trust through the test of time, which we will forever regard as our achievement and honor.





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MTS Gold Group is an award winning organization.

Here at MTS Gold Futures, we take customer service very seriously. Our team have effortlessly been recognized and acknowledged by our customers through various awards. Some of the these awards are made to MTS Gold Group, of which MTS Gold Futures is a subsidiary of MTS Gold Group, the derivative investment specializing in futures trading. The following are some of the awards we have won

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